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Hot Burger Cafeteria Colorful Décor, Pleasant Atmosphere, And Excellent Service Will Tempt You To Return.

We Are Tasty


Hot Burger Cafeteria has been in business since 1989 and has expanded to several locations around the UAE. We are well-liked by the locals due to the variety of cuisines we provide.

Taste of precious

Special recipes

We pride ourselves on a high standard of friendly cheerful service which caters to the needs of the whole family.



23 AED





Burger Sandwiches

Mega Zinker ---------------------------- 16 AED

Double Burger ------------------------- 12.50 AED

Golden King ---------------------------- 16 AED

Royal Burger --------------------------- 10.50 AED

Fresh Grilled items

Grilled XL Beef Burger Spicy ------------- 19 AED

Grilled XL Beef Burger -------------------- 18 AED

Grilled XL Chicken Burger---------------- 16 AED

Grilled Mushroom Burger --------------- 19 AED

Combo Specials

Chicken Breast -------------------------- 10.50 AED

Kabab Combo --------------------------- 9.50 AED

Seafood Combo ------------------------ 10.50 AED

Zinker Combo --------------------------- 10.50 AED

Special mathar

Tawook Mathar ----------------------------- 10 AED

Majid Mathar ------------------------------- 10 AED

Kids Meal ------------------------------------ 15 AED

Happy Meal --------------------------------- 12 AED

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